The service was fast and courteous. I would hire again.

Description of Work
tuckpoint and sealing of chimney amd foundation
Amy G.
He did a great job. Brian was so nice, polite, and understanding. He had a worker with him and they got it done very quickly. They cleaned up after they were done and I would definitely hire them again. I would highly recommend them as well.

Description of Work
He tuckpointed and ground out some mortar between the bricks and filled in new mortar to match with the old. He also laid some new tar along my foundation.
Felecia R.
Matt did excellent work, very helpful and efficient.

Description of Work
Gutters and roof cleaned Repaired a loose piece of siding Trimmed low hanging branches
Karen M.
I tried to reach Zemco, and they tried to reach me. There was miscommunication, and I take the blame for that. They have since reached out to me, and I would absolutely consider them in the future. I would like to remove my earlier negative review, but cannot figure out how to do that!

Description of Work
gutter cleaning
Jeffrey B.
So far we are completely satisfied.

Description of Work
We had a leak coming in our 2nd floor front bedroom. We weren't sure if it was a roof or gutter problem. The owner and his son came within 2 days and fixed the problem right on the spot. It was just in time for last week's deluge. So far no more leaks!
Rich and Cheryl S.
I have an older roof that I wanted to get several more years out of before replacing. The leaks needed attention and the repairs I tried did not solve the problem. I was concerned that any company coming out was going to say I needed to replace the roof. When Zemco came out, they focused on addressing the leaks and how best to do it. They understood that I wanted to get some additional life out of the roof. Better yet it looks like the leaks are fixed. I had to wait until we got some heavy rains which we did and no leaks. I am hopeful it will continue.

Description of Work
roof leak, repair
David P.
It went great! Sealed bricks(10 year warranty), sealed top of chimney and put a cover over vent to prevent corosion(lifetime warranty). All done in a timely manner. Would definitely hire for more work.

Description of Work
Seal chimney bricks to prevent spaulding & also protect vent pipe on roof from corrosion. Also top of chimney was sealed.
Joe W.
We’ve used Zemco for years to maintain our aging roof, so when it was time to replace it, the choice was simple - we knew we could trust Brian to do quality work. Excellent work, the crew was efficient and very thorough, cleaning carefully every day.

Description of Work
Complete new roof
Thea Z.
Very well. I was very satisfied and would definitely make them my first call for any future needs.

Description of Work
Attention to the gutters, issues with a Chimney Cap and tuckpointing
Virginia J.
Brian and team was very accommodative and responsive to the tight turn around on this project due to a pending sale. The team was professional, punctual and quickly addressed all the problem areas. Would recommend and would use their services again.

Description of Work
Slate roof repair
Thomas B.
Trusted their assessment. Results look solid and were reasonably priced.

Description of Work
Gutter repair and gutter guards, chimney cap and repair
James M.
Very professional and good service and fair price. I would hire Zemco again and would recommend them to others.

Description of Work
Gutter repair
Tony D.
This Company is phenomenal. Fast, efficient and extremely competent. A very easy and pleasant Company with which to work. Brian Zemba supports his products and the work he performs installing and maintaining them with an old school pride and craftsmanship that is rarely seen these days. He is always available for an emergency, whether one exits or not. If roofing is your issue, this Company will make you secure in knowing that the repair will be performed, first time, every time.

Description of Work
Zemco has serviced my first roof, eventually replaced my roof and continues to inspect my new roof annually. Zemco also cleans my gutters.
Robert D.
Brian Zemba worked professionally to complete the work. He did great job.

Description of Work
minor roof repair
xiaoqin C.
Great from beginning to end. They were prompt in responding to my request for a quote, scheduling and getting the job done. Would use them again!

Description of Work
Repaired Chimney
Rachel W.
Brian Zemba provided me with an estimate on June 15, 2019, and completed all work on June 19. His estimate included some additional minor repairs to the roof, cleaning gutters, and installing gutter guards. Despite inclement weather, he worked tirelessly and professionally to complete the work, despite unexpected problems with the overlap of the existing roofing and gutters. While doing the minor roof repairs, he discovered some developing problems with roof vents and was able to complete the work before he left. The cost of all work was reasonable and in line with generally accepted estimates of cost for installation of guards. He also provided advice on ways to extend the life of the existing roof and expected time for replacement. Overall, I was very happy with his work and will look to Zemco for future projects.

Description of Work
Clean gutters, add gutter guards, and do some minor roof repairs
Joseph K.
It went great! The two other people I spoke with said they would be unable to complete the work without scaffolding the job. Brian rented an articulating lift and was able to handle everything. He even identified a couple of lose slates and a failing sanitary vent flashing, which he was also able to take care of. He showed up when he said he would and was extremely professional. As an architect, I'm very particular about that, especially with work on my own home. Brian did a great job of matching my existing mortar and CLEANED UP everything! We couldn't be happier with their work. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat. Thank you Angie's List for the great recommendation!

Description of Work
Tuckpointing of two, very high, very difficult to access, residential chimneys. One has a moderate amount of brick detailing, the taller one (45' +) has a lot of detail and unusual conditions.
Jim N.
Zemco is not the least expensive option but in my opinion the best. Very trustworthy

Description of Work
Roof & gutter repair
David K.
Kim the Office Manager and Brian the technician are both great to work with! Very courteous and responsive and high quality work. Highly recommend!

Description of Work
Siding on west side of house coming loose.
Steve and Char M.
Upon inspection Brian found that not only did I have a leak in the roof but the blackness on the wood was black mold. Then.while he was here I asked about another job: covering and insulating a section of the attic. So he actually did 3 jobs for me. 1) repaired roof sealer in the valley where roof lines met and replaced 2 flashing boots. 2) next trip back, he treated and eliminated the black mold 3) final trip he put down plywood and insulation. He was very prompt, informative and courteous. He is being added to my personal list of home service providers! First job: $936; 2) $621; 3) $3,050.

Description of Work
I had a leak in my attic ceiling
Marcia C.
As far as first impressions go, Zemco Roofing and Repairs is a pleasure to call; Kim, who facilitates scheduling is very friendly and efficient. In December, I met with Brian, who assessed the condition of the gutters. Given the inclement weather, we agreed that he should come back when the temperatures warmed. A few weeks later, Kim called to schedule a time, and on that day, Brian called about half an hour prior to our appointment to inform me that he was on his way. He was able to procure the brackets and after asking me where I would like them installed and offering advice, proceeded to put them in place. He also sealed some leaking seams in the gutters as a bonus. Additionally, he swept out debris in the areas where he installed the brackets, which I didn't even ask him to do. He was direct, professional and he didn't try to chisel me for unnecessary repair work. A few weeks later, when my husband and I saw that the gutters were overflowing during the unusually heavy January rain, we both questioned whether Brian had not properly pitched the gutters after installing the brackets. I called to explain what (I thought) was happening and to schedule an appointment to have him look at the situation. Again, he called to inform me that he was on his way. After having a look, he told me that there was debris in the gutters, impeding the flow of water to the downspouts. If he was annoyed, he didn't show it, instead, he adjusted the gutters, checked the stability of the brackets and cleared the debris. Brian is a knowledgeable professional and a kind person as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Description of Work
Hanging gutters needed repairs
Christine B.
A little more than what I expected to pay but well worth it. Brian from Zemco was outstanding! He went beyond what an average gutter cleaner would have done. He re-sealed my roof but when I still experienced a leak, he was right back out to figure it out. It was actually coming from a window above the roof. When he returned, no questions asked and no extra charge. I will use Zemco in the future and will recommend them to everyone who needs their services.

Description of Work
Repair leaking roof and gutter cleaning
Bob G.
Great price and great work. They're our go to guys.

Description of Work
Masonry and gutter cleaning
Michael M.
Brian did an excellent job! He paid attention to details and looked carefully for small cracks. I would definitely hire him again. Thank you Brian.

Description of Work
Roof repair and maintenance
Lingqing X
Wonderful! Quick response, timely, fair price!! Great company!

Description of Work
Gutter cleaning and repair
Sara P.